What sort of food can we expect?

Stone Town has many restaurants and quality, understandably, is related to the price paid. Most of the restaurants will serve international food, but why go to Zanzibar/Tanzania to have chicken and chips? However, as a fall-back for people who would like this, it is there. Nearly all restaurants will serve good curries. Fish is readily available and cooked in a variety of ways. I tend to eat fish all the time as I know it is fresh.

There are some restaurants which serve local dishes; cooked, spiced green bananas; dishes made from maize and meat & fish cooked in coconut milk. Why go to Zanzibar to eat Chinese food? Because in Stone Town there is one of the best Chinese restaurants you are likely to eat at with fresh, locally grown ingredients. Meals at beach locations tend to be taken at the hotel you are staying at, especially the evening meal. For lunch you can go to other hotels or restaurants along the stretch of beach where you are staying. Larger beach hotels tend to have buffet meals and usually good quality.

Smaller hotels will have a limited menu which will always include a fish dish. Lobster is normally available at hotels and restaurants, but at a price, yet much less than you will pay for lobster in the UK. Vegetarians should have little problem getting suitable meals. Eating is not expensive, less than you will pay in the UK, the average price for a reasonable meal is about £7.00 – £9.00; the most expensive hotels and one restaurant in Town charge about £18.00 for a 3 course meal. Drinks are a little less than you pay at hotels in the UK.

When you book with us, in your final material we provide you with our thoughts about restaurants in Stone Town. We will also ask if you have any special dietary requirements so we can advise hotels, and particularly safari camps/lodges, in advance of your stay.