Getting to Zanzibar

There are no direct flights from the UK to Zanzibar, or to Tanzania.

The most direct flights are from London – Heathrow (LHR). Some airlines fly from regional airports including Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Obviously flight prices vary according to which airline and time of year. At the very best, about £550.00 per person. At worst, about £850.00 per person during July/August and Xmas time. Price will be higher the later bookings are made. Our advice is that we book your flights as early as possible to get favourable flight prices.
The options to Zanzibar (ZNZ) are:

QATAR AIRWAYS – One of the most direct. Overnight flight to Doha with morning connection to Zanzibar. Relatively short transit in Doha in both directions. LHR – DOHA approx 6.5 hours and then DOHA to Zanzibar about 6 hours. Return flight departs Zanzibar late afternoon to Doha with relatively short connection time for flight to LHR arriving early morning. Qatar Airways have a good reputation. qatarairways
KENYA AIRWAYS – Overnight flights to Nairobi then morning connection to Zanzibar. LHR – NBO about 8.5 hours then 1.40 minutes NBO – ZNZ. Return flight departs Zanzibar at the very unsocial hour of 04.25 getting in to LHR the same evening. Transit in Nairobi in both directions. The LHR – NBO – LHR sectors are on relatively new Dreamliners. The shortest travel time, but often more expensive than other airlines. kenya
OMAN AIR – Late evening out of LHR to Muscat connecting on to Zanzibar arriving early afternoon. The return flight departs Zanzibar very early morning, transit in Muscat & in to LHR in the evening. LHR – Muscat approx 6.5 hours and then Muscat to Zanzibar about 6 hours. Usually well priced. oman
ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES – Quite a long travel time as there are relatively long transit times in both directions at Addis Ababa. Evening departure from LHR to Addis Ababa with morning connection, via Kilimanjaro arriving ZNZ early afternoon. Return is out of ZNZ early afternoon to Addis Ababa then a long transit for the early morning flight to LHR. Ethiopian

Other airlines fly in to Dar es Salaam.

It does make for an additional transit, but gives a wider choice of airline. After going through entry formalities on arrival in Dar es Salaam (DAR) it is a 20 minute flight to Zanzibar.

EMIRATES – Overnight flight to Dubai with connection to DAR arriving early afternoon. Return is late evening out of DAR, connecting to LHR arriving early morning. Relatively short transit in Dubai in both directions. LHR – Dubai approx 6.5 hours and then Dubai to DAR about 6.5 hours. Emirates is a tried and tested brand. Emirates-Airlines-logo-vector
KENYA AIRWAYS – Travel time is longer, but flights with Kenya Airways to/from Dar es Salaam are sometimes less priced than in to/out of Zanzibar – even taking in to account the cost of the connecting internal flight DAR – ZNZ – DAR. kenya
QATAR AIRWAYSThe only airline which connects well for people going on to the Selous Game Reserve for their safari. Afternoon flight from LHR to Doha connecting to DAR with early morning arrival. Return flight is out of ZNZ so avoiding an internal flight to DAR. Relatively short transit in Doha in both directions. LHR – Doha approx 6.5 hours and then Doha to DAR about 6.5 hours. qatarairways
ETIHAD AIRWAYSNew route from 1 December 2015 – some good introductory offers. Overnight flight to Muscat with connection to DAR arriving early afternoon. Return is early afternoon out of DAR with quite a long transit in Muscat, arriving LHR early morning. LHR – Muscat approx 6.5 hours and then Muscat to DAR about 6.5 hours. etihad
TURKISH AIRLINES – For the budget traveller (as prices are usually the lowest) – the down side is very unsocial hours. Flights are via Istanbul, where there are reasonable transit times, but arrival in to DAR is at 03.00 – no lounges open so have to hang around the concourse until 07.00. Departure from DAR for the return is 04.00 – all lounges, etc, close prior to midnight, so on the concourse again. But often far less priced than other airlines. turkish
SWISS AIRWe very rarely use Swiss. Departure from LHR is 06.00 – so latest check-in 04.00 – transit in Zurich – arriving in DAR at 22.05. This means an overnight in Dar es Salaam before connecting on to Zanzibar, or Selous Game Reserve. Transit times in Zurich are very short so any delay to the incoming flight means missing the connecting flight. swiss