kisampa1A Special Place for Nature Lovers.

Located on the mainland of Tanzania opposite Zanzibar, so just a 20 minute flight away from Zanzibar, we consider Kisampa Bush Retreat is something very special.

Situated on a remote hilltop on the border of Saadani National Park, and with a vista of the plains below, Kisampa accommodates just 14 guests in 6 open sided thatched bungalows each with hand crafted furniture and verandah with spectacular views. Each bungalow has its own private bathroom set into the surrounding bush and open to the stars. To accommodate families, a “star gazer” tent can be erected next to the bungalows. There’s also a spacious communal bungalow for relaxing at Kisampa.

kisampa2Kisampa is a private community conservation sanctuary. Because it’s their own sanctuary, you won’t bump into other safari-goers anywhere on Kisampa conservancy. The experience is intimate and personal. Being located just outside the Park, it does not have the high costs of safari camps located within parks/reserves, hence its accommodation rates are very reasonable. It does not have the restrictions of a national park/reserve so long bush walks, canoeing, bird watching from a viewing platform, picnics at a beach or beach camping are available.

kisampa3From Kisampa full day game excursions in Saadani National Park can be arranged. With a wide variety of game and birds, Saadani is unique in East Africa as it is the only game park which borders an ocean.

Kisampa is about people, with a total of 5 villages and several hundred people being involved in, and benefitting from the sanctuary. Not only does a concession fee for every bed filled go to the community, but just as importantly, all supplies and most staff are from the area. Funds help local schools (the first secondary school in the area has recently been completed) and medical facilities continue to be developed.