Having spent time over the last few days watching people take beginners scuba diving lessons in the pool right on our doorstep, it was time for the 2 boys to have a go.

They completed a Bubblemaker PADI class and now have certificates to say they completed the first stage to becoming scuba divers. They loved it, unfortunately, as it’s another expensive sport which Mum & Dad will have to fork out for.

Zala Park is a small reserve founded by a local man, Mr Mohammed, with the intention of educating local children about preserving endangered species, and the need for preservation. It still serves that function but now also attracts many visitors. The relatively small entrance fee helps maintain and develop the park. The animal species are mainly different types of reptiles, snakes, lizards and crabs. It is set in lush vegetation trees such as orange, lime, grapefruit, nutmeg, banana, ginger, chillies, black pepper and cinnamon.

This evening we have to say our farewells to some people we have become fond of in the last few days. Particularly, Penda, the waitress at Ocean Restaurant where we have breakfast who loves Milan. And Smi, or Little Man, a boy about 4/5 years old who the boys have adopted. He is very cute.

Its going to be tough to leave Paje as we are very comfortable here. I know that Stonetown will be very different..more work, but good too. I am very proud of the boys at how they are dealing with being out of any previously encountered environment… they are doing it very naturally. I think Stone Town may be a test… we shall see.

Antonio, Meredith, Lance & Milan – from Madrid