Top Tips

Books and Postcards – “The Gallery” on the corner of Kenyatta Road & Ghizenga Street. Owned by the Jafferji Family. Lots of coffee table books with pictures by Javed Jafferji.

Clothing – “One Way” on the right as you go up past the Post Office in Kenyatta Road.

Ghizenga Street – The tourist shopping street for woodwork, metal work , Tinga Tinga paintings and general “tack”. We tend to avoid this street as the shopkeepers and other touts encouraging you to buy becomes a bit annoying.

Best Art Work – Go in to the Old Fort, turn right in to the large grassed courtyard and up stairs in the right corner to an art gallery. Much more imaginative and authentic than you will find in shops.

Best Woodwork – “Zanzibar Souvenir Shop” further back from the main shopping area. Just ask GTI to take you to the shop where Michael buys carved items. They use exclusively recycled timber.