It is time to take advantages of some of the activities offered on the south east coast of Zanzibar around the
village of Paje.

Zanzibar is very tidal, rising and falling in excess of 2 meters. There is a reef which runs around most of the island and in most places it is about a kilometer from the shore. At low tide the water recedes to the reef. In some locations, at low tide, there are lagoons which are ideal for snorkeling.

First some snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon organised by Wycliff of Buccaneer Diving, the dive centre adjacent to our apartment. Lance and Milan acted as the “anchor men” – lowering and raising the anchor as instructed by Juma, our skipper, when stopping at snorkeling locations.

The sky and water so blue, and the water so, so clear.

Paje is called the kite surfing capital of Zanzibar, a sport which has really taken off on the island and considered one of the best places for kite surfing anywhere in the world. This is because of the (almost) guaranteed breezes which prevail for much of the year, the northeast winds (known locally as the Kaskazi) blow from November/December to February/March, and the southwest winds (the Kusi) from June to September/October.

So, the boys had their first lesson of kite surfing – learning how to fly and control the kite from the beach.

That was enough activity for one day. Next will be some excursions further afield.

Meredith, Antonio, Lance & Milan – from Spain.