Our association with Zanzibar goes back 50 years.

We will:

  • Discuss your needs,
  • book your holiday, tailored just for you,
  • give you full financial security,
  • and our agent will meet you on arrival, provide all transfers, and be available to you 24/7 for any assistance.

Why use us?

Our Experience

Zanzibar Travel has its roots in 1996 with our first fact-finding trip to the island. We were the first organisation to specialise in booking holidays to Zanzibar. Soon after that we started to organise safaris to other destinations in East Africa.

Our Advice

Is based on an in-depth knowledge gained from regular visits to the island, and safari destinations. We have either stayed at, or visited, virtually all hotels at which we make bookings.

Our Flexibility

We tailor holidays to each persons needs, requirements and budget. Every person contacting us is treated as an individual case and does not have to fit in to set “packages” with specific accommodation and set dates as sold by large companies.

Our Range of Options

We can book holidays based on small mid range hotels to small luxury hotels, from larger resort style hotels to “international” style All Inclusive hotels. Whilst we like people to spend some of their time staying at hotels where they will interact and support the local community and getting a real feel for Zanzibar, we also understand peoples’ needs to just get away, relax and be pampered. We do not book low price budget hotels. We know what they are like and feel they are not of a standard expected by people who book with us.

Our Price

We have contracts with hotels and safari providers which give us favourable rates. We guarantee that our price is less than people booking direct with hotels, camps and lodges. We regularly compare our prices with the holidays offered by large companies, often sold through high street travel agents. In every like-for-like comparison, we are less priced.

Our support

We are here at all times during the booking process, and after holidays are booked, to provide any information which may be needed to help people prepare for their holiday. We provide extensive pre-departure information with people’s final information to help them with last minute preparation, and detailed information to help while on the island and/or safari. Once on the island, our agent – who we have dealt with for nearly 20 years – provides all transfers and is available 24/7 to assist in any way.

Your Security

We fully appreciate it is paramount for people to be assured that any money paid to us is secure. As a member of the Travel Trust Association (TTA) we are regulated by their Code of Conduct which requires us to act in a professional manner and within all legislation applying to tour operators. The TTA requires us to take out Fidelity Insurance for each booking which ensures that in the extremely unlikely event of us being unable to fulfil a booked holiday, clients money will be returned to them. On booking a holiday we provide a Certificate of Fidelity Insurance issued by the TTA.

Money paid to us is deposited in a Trust Account and, in accordance with EU “Package Travel Regulations”, this money can not be withdrawn until people return from their holiday. The Account is administered by a Trustees approved by the TTA. The Trustees do not release the money until we have assured them that hotels and our safari agents have been paid and that people have returned from their holiday.

  • For more information about the TTA and security provided see: www.traveltrust.co.uk then to Consumer Web Zone.

ATOL Protection

The international flight element of holidays we book is protected by the ATOL scheme, both under our ATOL Licence and the ATOL Licence of our flights agents. An ATOL Certificate is issued to people once international flights are booked. The Fidelity Insurance provided by our professional association, the TTA, covers all other aspects of your holiday, accommodation, transfers, internal flights, safaris, etc.

For more information about ATOL Certificate